Next-gen ingredients for
people and planet

Shiru is the only artificial intelligence company with a track record of creating and commercializing high-value, natural ingredients for consumer products that are better for people and planet.

Groundbreaking products developed from our discovery platform:

OleoPro platform

Our technology leverages plant-based proteins to create unique protein scaffolds that structure liquid oils. This highly tunable protein technology allows oils to be used in new ways to deliver a range of previously impossible functionality for food and consumer products. The technology can structure an unsaturated, liquid oil, to create a high-performance structured fat that looks and acts like saturated animal fat (lard, tallow, etc.) or solid plant-based fat (coconut oil, palm oil, etc.) while reducing saturated fat by over 80%.


  • Structured fat ingredients for alternative protein products
  • Specialty oil-based spreads
  • Bioactive encapsulation and stabilization

Gelation platform

Gelation agents are crucial in the cooking and baking process and for improving sensory perception. Commonly used gelling agents include methylcellulose, eggs, and thickeners or stabilizers in a variety of applications.

Our gelation platform delivers natural, plant-based protein ingredients that offer improved gelling and binding performance across a range of temperatures and food conditions.


  • Methylcellulose replacement in alternative meat products
  • Egg replacement in bakery products
  • Hydrocolloid replacement for cold binding and water activity control

Bioactives and tastants platform

Bioactives and tastants are compounds that are present in low quantities in foods, but are highly functional in terms of providing flavor, color and nutritional benefits. Commonly found bioactives and tastants in food include sweeteners, umami flavors, iron binding compounds, and antimicrobial compounds. 

Our platform delivers natural, plant-based protein ingredients that can improve the nutritional impact of food, impact the flavor, or help with the shelf life in a variety of end applications.


  • Sweet proteins
  • Bitter blockers 
  • Antimicrobials
  • Bioactives for nutritional enhancement