Next-gen ingredients for
people and planet

Shiru is the only artificial intelligence company with a track record of creating and commercializing high-value, natural ingredients for consumer products that are better for people and planet.

Groundbreaking products developed from our discovery platform:

OleoPro platform

Our technology leverages plant-based proteins to create unique protein scaffolds that structure liquid oils. This highly tunable protein technology allows oils to be used in new ways to deliver a range of previously impossible functionality for food and consumer products. The technology can structure an unsaturated, liquid oil, to create a high-performance structured fat that looks and acts like saturated animal fat (lard, tallow, etc.) or solid plant-based fat (coconut oil, palm oil, etc.) while reducing saturated fat by over 80%.


  • Structured fat ingredients for alternative protein products
  • Specialty oil-based spreads
  • Bioactive encapsulation and stabilization